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Stainless Steel 304 Butt-Welded Schedule (SCH) 10 Pipe Fittings Manufacturer And Exporter In Mumbai, India

The manufacturer and exporter, Rexon, reputed as a top player and headquartered from Mumbai, India, devotes itself to the production of superior quality Stainless Steel 304 butt-welded Schedule (SCH) 10 pipe fittings. It is through our fittings, which are well-known for their resilience and high-precision engineering design, that we guarantee the conformity to the stringent industry requirements and the suitability of our products for the various needs across different industries. Crafted from the premium grade stainless steel 304, butt-welded fittings can offer you the improbable corrosion-resistant, a long life, and a reliable operation in the place of conspicuous use. According to Rexon devotion to superiority, it utilizes modern manufacturing approaches and follows all the rules of quality control systems to get outstanding goods which are above the expectations of its customers.

SCH 10 pipe fittings are found in industrial, commercial and residential applications. They are particularly design to perfectly blend in the system and function at the optima. Trust Rexon for the finest Stainless Steel 304 butt-welded Schedule 10 pipe fittings, synonymous with quality, reliability, and cost efficiency.

Stainless Steel 304 Butt-Welded Schedule (SCH) 10 Pipe Fittings Manufacturer in Mumbai

Types of 304 Stainless Steel SCH 10 Butt-Welded Pipe Fittings

Our SS304 SCH 10 pipe fittings are manufactured through the use of the best qualities raw materials and the latest technology. This helps us to give our fittings the necessary toughness, durability and resistance to corrosion, which makes them perfectly suitable for many different industrial uses. You may need to have any kind of elbows, tees, reducers or any other fittings to match your specific requirements, which we provide for you.

 Elbow Buttwelded Fittings
304 Elbow SS 304 SCH 10 Butt-Welded Fittings

304 SCH 10 Elbow SCH 10 Butt-Welded Fittings provide continuous robustness and corrosion resistance that allow for a seamless inclusion into pipe systems. Made of the best stainless-steel material, these assurances present reliable operation in different industrial environment.

Tee Buttwelded Fittings
SS 304 Tee SCH 10 Butt welded Fittings

304 Tee SS 304 SCH 10 Butt-Welded Fittings allow piping systems to be seamlessly connected and jointed by using butt welding method. These fittings are made from high-grade stainless steel which offers robustness and stable opposed to rusting. Trust of their experts in high-precision engineering in various industries for reliable functioning with different subjects.

Reducers Buttwelded Fittings
SS 304 Reducers SCH 10 Butt welded Fittings

304 Reducer SS 304 SCH 10 Butt-Welded Fittings gives pipes the seamless system-integration that makes it even tighter. Crafted from premium and corrosion resistant stainless steel, these fittings ensure reliability and longevity in a variety of industrial uses.

End Caps Buttwelded Fittings
SS 304 End Caps SCH 10 Butt welded Fittings

304 End Cap SS 304 SCH 10 welded fittings are designed for butt welding, and they have earned a reputation for providing good sealing performance, which means a leak-free performance. Made of high-grade stainless steel, they provide corrosion resistance and durability. Theses fittings are SCH 10 designed, and they provide reliable connections in industrial operations.

Stub Ends ButtWelded Fittings
SS 304 Stub Ends SCH 10 Butt Welded Fittings

304 Stub End SS 304 SCH 10 Butt-Welded Fittings are highly versatile in industrial systems piping at hub connections. Constructed of premium stainless steel, they guarantee long life and are unbreakable and safe from corrosion. The best part is that there are no caustic chemicals or waste produced during its manufacturing process. Rexon provides excellent solutions meeting strict standards for obtaining flawless and reliable performance.

Outlet ButtWelded Fittings
304 Outlet Butt-Welded Fittings

304 SS SCH 10 butt welded fittings provide durable results for many industrial applications. Made from fine-grade stainless steel, they are designed to ensure trustable and continuous functionality as well as proper fitting in piping systems. These pipings undergo rigorous testing, hence deliver reliable performance in different operating environments.

SCH 10 304 Stainless Steel, 304 Stainless Steel SCH 10 Butt-Welded Pipe Fittings: Elbow, Tee, Reducer, End Cap

Rexon provides SCH 10 304 Stainless Steel Butt-Welded Pipe Fittings, Encompassing Elbows, Tees, Reducers, and Caps. Met from superior 304 stainless steel, these fittings are for the use of corrosion and high-durable strength in different types of industry. The key to their competence lies in a combination of advanced engineering and continuous workability, which deliver stable and form-locked connections. SCH 10 fittings from Rexon work for the shipping of fluids or structural installations. Moreover, they are multi-purpose and have enormous strength. The belief that Rexon is customer-oriented, committed to quality, and delivers excellence is essential for your piping fittings made of stainless steel.

butt welded fittings hd infographic

Stainless Steel 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe Fittings Specifications

Rexon offers up SS 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe fittings, which can be heavily relied on thanks to strong strength and ability in many industrial domains. Virtualized from premium grade stainless steel, the fittings are intended to lock the connections and make them immune to corrosion. Specially made for working conditions that can be challenging and they have got smooth fitting into the framework of piping systems. Because of the detailed specifications and our high craftsmanship, Rexon's Stainless Steel 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe Fittings meet the ultimate standard that delivers quality and reliability for your piping system life.

Butwelded Type Butt-welded Fitting Standard
Type Of Fittings 45 Deg, 90 Deg , 180 Deg.
Size 1/2"NB TO 48"NB IN
Schedule SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, SCH80, XS, SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
Type Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated
Nickel Alloy ASTM / ASME SB 336 UNS 2200 ( NICKEL 200 ), UNS 2201 (NICKEL 201 ), UNS 4400 (MONEL 400 ), UNS 8020 (ALLOY 20 / 20 CB 3, UNS 8825 INCONEL (825), UNS 6600 (INCONEL 600 ), UNS 6601 ( INCONEL 601 ), UNS 6625 (INCONEL 625), UNS 10276 ( HASTELLOY C 276 )
Stainless Steel ASTM / ASME SA 403 GR WP "S" / "W" / " WX" 304 , 304L, 304H, 304N, 304LN, 309, 310H, 316, 316H, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347 H.
Carbon Steel ASTM / ASME A 234 WPB, WPC ASTM / ASME A 860 WPHY 42, WPHY 46, WPHY 52, WPH 60, WPHY 65 & WPHY 70.
Alloy Steel ASTM / ASME A 234 WP 1, WP 5, WP 9, WP 11, WP 12, WP 22, WP 23, WP 91.
Duplex Steel ASTM / ASME SA 815 UNS NO.S 31803, S 32205, S 32550, S 32750, S 32760.

SS 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe fittings, SCH 10 304 Stainless Steel Butt-Welded Pipe Fittings Diagram

Rexon provides a complete spectrum of 304 Stainless Steel Butt-Welded Pipe Fittings which are manufactured to the highest standards for performance and reliability. Our fittings are thought-out to provide a smooth system embedding that enables the preservation of the structure and the efficient fluid movement. The SCH 10 number designation shows the thickness, catering for different applications. The detailed diagram of ours used as a visual guide greatly simplifies the installation and configuration process. Trust Rexon to supply the best in stainless steel fittings made for your specific needs.

butt welded pipe fittings diagram hd image

304 Stainless Steel SCH 10 Butt-Welded Pipe Fittings, SS 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Butt-Welded Pipe Fittings Chemical Composition

A high standard 304 Stainless Steel SCH 10 Butt-Welded Pipe Fittings from Rexon, are designed to make industrial processing with integrity and reliability. These fittings are manufactured with a strict chemical composition in mind, which has optimal corrosion resistance properties, such as an extended lifespan, because of high chromium and nickel contents. When it comes to manufacturing, Rexon can be depended on to build SS 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe Fittings that meet the requirements to the best possible extent and even go beyond that, ease the process of installation for your piping systems.

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni N
304H min. 0.04 18.0 8.0
max. 0.10 2.0 0.75 0.045 0.030 20.0 10.5

Stainless Steel 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe Fittings, SS 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe Fittings Physical Properties

Rexon introduces sturdy Stainless Steel 304 Butt-Welded Sch 10 Pipe Fittings which are designed to ensure integrity and dependability in diverse industrial applications. The most fundamental quality of these fittings is their superior physical constitution, which includes high resistance to corrosion, strength, and ductility. Made from top quality stainless steel, they will be sure to last long and their outstanding performance should be unaffected even in tough conditions. The fittings are constructed with utmost precision through butt welding method and SCH 10 thickness, and seamlessly integrated in the piping systems which results in the proper flow of the medium as well as in minimizing the chances of leakage.

Grade Density (kilogram/m3) Elastic Modulus (GPa) Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (m/m/0C) Thermal Conductivity(W/m.K) Specific Heat 0-1000C(J/kilogram.K) Electrical Resistivity (n.m)
0-1000C 0-3150C 0-5380C at 1000C at 5000C
ASTM A403 WP 304 Elbow 8000 193 17.2 17.8 18.4 16.2 21.5 500 720


SS 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe Fittings Price List: Valid From 1st March 2024

We are proud to announce that from 1st March 2024 onwards, Rexon will be introducing the SS 304 Butt-Welded SCH 10 Pipe Fittings Price List. Obtain competitive prices for premium fittings of the best quality that guarantee durability and reliability for your projects. You can rest assured that you will get the best products coupled with excellent price from our store. Touch us now to use our various piping solutions and make it easier for you.

Description Price In INR (Per Piece)
2" X SCH 40 325.00
3" X SCH 40 400.00
4" X SCH 40 600.00
6" X SCH 40 1350.00
8" X SCH 40 2400.00
10" X SCH 40 4500.00

Premium SS 304 Butt-Welded SCH 40 Pipe Fittings is now available near to you:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between long radius and short radius elbow fittings?
It is the long radius elbow fittings that have a longer curvature, thus giving smoother fl ow and minimized pressure drop. Short radius elbow fittings provide a smaller curvature radius and hence compactness but can lead to higher pressure drops.
What is the maximum pressure rating for stainless steel butt-welded elbow pipe fittings?
However, the maximum pressure rating relies on material grade, fitting size and design. It is always necessary to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and standards of industry for these particular pressure ratings.
Can stainless steel butt-welded elbow pipe fittings be used in high-temperature applications?
The answer is yes because stainless steel butt-welded elbow pipe fittings can resist high temperatures. The temperature specifications, however, may be dependent on the material grade and its use. It is therefore important to take into account the temperature restrictions from the manufacturer and refer back to industry standards.
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