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AISI 304/304L/304N/304H/304LN stainless steel buttwelded reducer pipe Fitting Manufacturer Supplier

And a SS buttwelded reducer pipe fitting is one of the types of pipe fittings used to join two pipes with different sizes. The AISI 304/304L/304N/304H/304LN SS buttwelded reducer pipe fitting is an advanced stainless steel product that can stand up to high pressure and temperature. Such pipe fittings are widely applied in chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries. The AISI 304/304L/304N/304H/304LN butt welded reducer pipe fitting is manufactured by austenitic stainless steel, which characterizes outstanding corrosion resistance and durability. There is a number of different sizes and thicknesses of the fitting, which makes it suitable for different purposes. It is also quick to mount and does not need much work. When choosing a SS buttwelded reducer pipe fitting, one should consider material, size and application. An excellent option for installations that require superior strength, corrosion resistance, and performance is the AISI 304/304L/304N /304H / 304LN SS buttwelded reducer pipe fitting. It is also applicable in the hot, high-pressure settings.

AISI 304/304L/304N/304H/304LN buttwelded reducer pipe fitting

Types of AISI 304/304L/304N/304H/304LN Stainless Steel ButtWelded Reducer Pipe Fitting

Rexon Pipe Fittings Company is one of the most prominent producers of quality stainless steel pipe fittings in the industry. With the highest quality standards, their products are built out of premium materials. Rexon Pipe Fittings Company has various products that include SS buttwelded reducer pipe fittings manufactured using AISI steel 304/304L/304N or stainless steel 304H and 304LN. There are fittings that help with connecting the different sizes of pipes in a secure and reliable manner. They are easy to install and maintenance free, which makes them a perfect solution for myriad applications. From residential plumbing to industrial use, Rexon Pipe Fittings Company provides the products you can trust to ensure a job well done.

Concentric Reducer

Concentric Reducer

SS Buttwelded Concentric Reducer pipe fittings are stainless steel fittings that join two pipes with varying diameters and keep a straight centerline are manufactured by Rexon Pipe fittings. They are commonly used to decrease both the pipe diameter and the velocity in many piping systems.

Eccentric Reducer

Eccentric Reducer

Rexon Pipe fittings is a top butt weld Eccentric Reducer pipe fittings manufacturer and supplier specializing in stainless steel fittings that connect pipes of varying diameters with slanted centerlines.

Short-End reducer

Short-End Reducer

Rexon Pipe fittings manufactures SS buttwelded Short-End Reducer pipe fittings which are stainlesssteel fittings that is used to join pipes of different sizes and having a shorter end than standard reducers.

Long-End Reducer

Long-End Reducer

Rexon Pipe fittings offer buttwelded Long-End Reducer pipe fittings that are stainless steel fittings meant to connect pipes that have different diameter sizes and have a longer end than standard reducers.

Stainless Steel 304 Butt-Welded Reducer Pipe Fittings Specifications

  • Material: Metallic
  • Color: Varies
  • Joining: Welding
  • Types: Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Caps, Stub Ends
  • Sizes: Varied
  • Standards: ASME B16.9, MSS-SP 75, DIN
  • Pressure Ratings: Application-specific
  • Corrosion Resistance: Yes
  • Installation: Welding
  • Maintenance: Regular

AISI 304/304L SS buttwelded reducer pipe fitting Stainless Steel Physical Property

The physical properties that can be attributed to 317/317L SS buttwelded reducer pipe fitting, stainless steel fittings that have excellent thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion, include density, specific heat and modulus of elasticity.

Property Typical Values for Stainless Steel Butt-Welded Reducer Pipe Fittings
Density 7.7 - 8.0 g/cm³
Melting Point 1400 - 1450°C (2552 - 2642°F)
Thermal Conductivity 14 - 20 W/(m·K)
Specific Heat Capacity 500 J/(kg·K)
Electrical Conductivity Low compared to metals like copper or aluminum
Magnetic Properties Non-magnetic in the annealed condition, may become magnetic after cold working or heat treatment
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 16 - 17 μm/m·K
Modulus of Elasticity (Young's Modulus) Approximately 190 GPa (27.6 x 10^6 psi)
Hardness Varies based on alloy and heat treatment, typically 70 - 200 HV (Vickers hardness)
Tensile Strength Varies based on grade and manufacturing, typically 515 - 760 MPa (74,700 - 110,200 psi)
Yield Strength Varies based on grade and heat treatment, typically 205 - 550 MPa (29,700 - 79,800 psi)
Ductility Excellent, allowing for complex forming without significant loss of strength
Corrosion Resistance Highly corrosion-resistant, suitable for use in corrosive environments
Appearance Bright, reflective, and silvery appearance
Weldability Generally weldable, with the welding process chosen based on grade and application


AISI 304/304L SS Buttwelded Equal Tee Chemial Property

317/317L SS buttwelded reducer pipe fitting is a stainless steel fitting that contains components such as chromium, nickel, carbon and other elements that have good corrosion resistance and tensile strength.

Element 317 Stainless Steel (%) 317L Stainless Steel (%)
Carbon (C) 0.08 max 0.03 max
Chromium (Cr) 18.0 - 20.0 18.0 - 20.0
Nickel (Ni) 11.0 - 15.0 11.0 - 15.0
Manganese (Mn) 2.0 max 2.0 max
Silicon (Si) 0.75 max 0.75 max
Phosphorus (P) 0.045 max 0.045 max
Sulfur (S) 0.03 max 0.03 max
Molybdenum (Mo) 3.0 - 4.0 3.0 - 4.0
Iron (Fe) Balance Balance

Price List Of SS 304 Reducer Pipe Fittings In India

Description Price In INR (Per Piece)
2" X SCH 40 325.00
3" X SCH 40 400.00
4" X SCH 40 600.00
6" X SCH 40 1350.00
8" X SCH 40 2400.00
10" X SCH 40 4500.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between long radius and short radius elbow fittings?
It is the long radius elbow fittings that have a longer curvature, thus giving smoother fl ow and minimized pressure drop. Short radius elbow fittings provide a smaller curvature radius and hence compactness but can lead to higher pressure drops.
What is the maximum pressure rating for stainless steel butt-welded elbow pipe fittings?
However, the maximum pressure rating relies on material grade, fitting size and design. It is always necessary to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and standards of industry for these particular pressure ratings.
Can stainless steel butt-welded elbow pipe fittings be used in high-temperature applications?
The answer is yes because stainless steel butt-welded elbow pipe fittings can resist high temperatures. The temperature specifications, however, may be dependent on the material grade and its use. It is therefore important to take into account the temperature restrictions from the manufacturer and refer back to industry standards.
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